The rules for participation in the Tuesday night Herrin Bocce Club are as follows:
1.To participate you must be 21 years of age.
2.League will begin the 1st Tuesday after the change to day light savings time and end the last Tuesday prior to the change to central standard time.  Scores will be kept beginning the 2nd Tuesday night of play through the next to last Tuesday night of play, the last Tuesday being reserved for presentation of "awards".
3.Each Tuesday night at approximately 6:30 p.m. all participants present to play will have their name placed into a "hat" and a blind draw will take place to select the teams.
4.If there are 16 or less participants there will be 2 person teams.  If there are 17 to 32 participants there will be 4 person teams.  In no event will there be more than 8 teams per evening.  There will be no 1 person teams.
5.The rules of play will be as established by the Herrin Bocce Club except, a game will end when the first team scores 11 points or 25 minutes have elapsed, which ever occurs first.  Any intentional delay in play will be penalized by forfeiture of the game.
6.Each participant who is a member of the Herrin Bocce Club will pay $4.00 per evening they play and each participant not a member of the Herrin Bocce Club will pay $5.00 per evening they play.
7.Payout will be as follows:  $1.00 will go to the team finishing in 2nd place for the evening, $2.00 will go to the team finishing in 1st place for the evening and $1.00 will go into a "pot" to be paid out at the end of the season to be divided as follows:  35% to 1st, 30% to 2nd, 20% to 3rd, 10% to 4th and 5% to 5th.  $1.00 per night will go to the Herrin Bocce Club for each non-member playing.
8.Points will be awarded to participants as follows:
1 point for showing up to participate and entering the draw
1 point for each win for the evening
2 additional points for finishing in 1st place for the evening
9.In the event there are more than 32 participants on any given Tuesday and someone is not drawn for a team then that person may pay the $1.00 for the "pot" and will be awarded 1 point.  If they elect not to pay into the "pot" they will not receive the point.
10.In the event the evening play is 4 person teams and there are 3 "extras" for the 8th team, then that team may play and each player will rotate from end to end.  There will be no more than 2 three man teams on any Tuesday night.

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